World Kidney Day – 8 March 2018

The 8th of March is World Kidney Day – so with that in mind, it is important to make sure that your kidneys are healthy. World Kidney Day is a global awareness campaign that focuses on the importance of kidney health and erducing the impact of kidney disease. In most cases, the kidneys can be affected by medical conditions such as high blood pressure,

HIV and Aids in Zambia 2016

In 2015, around 50,000 adults and 8,900 children became newly infected with HIV in Zambia. New infections are decreasing, especially in children – in 2010, 60,000 adults and 13,000 children acquired HIV.

Contrastingly HIV prevalence in Zambia has made little progress in the last decade with records marking a 12.8% adult prevalence in 2007 compared to a 12.4% prevalence rate in 2016 according to UNAIDS.

When to See a Doctor

Routine visits

Generally, everyone should routinely see their doctor, dentist, and eye doctor for preventive care. Women should routinely see their primary care doctor or gynecologist for gynecologic examinations. People can obtain a schedule of what type of care is required and how often visits are needed from their primary care doctor.

Acute Respiratory Infection

An infection that may interfere with normal breathing is commonly referred to as an Acute respiratory infection. This type of infection can affect either your upper or lower respiratory system. Your upper respiratory system starts at your sinuses and ends at your vocal chords. Lower respiratory system starts at your vocal chords and ends at your lungs.

Staying Healthy this winter season

While many people will be happily saying good-bye to a long, hot summer and welcoming the new season, just as many of us will be dreading the cooler weather arriving. Winter is often given a bad rap as it brings with it the cold & flu season and those cold, dark mornings. However, with a little effort there is no reason for our health to suffer during the colder months!

Keep Warm throughout the Winter

Bitter cold temperatures and Icy winds. Winter has many ways of exposing you to the cold. But just because the winter weather is cold, doesn’t mean you have to be. When the mercury drops, try these tips—they’ll keep you toasty and warm until you can make it back indoors, fireside

  1. Warm yourself first

It’s easier to change your body temperature than room temperature,

What Is an Employee Wellness Program?

When you have healthy employees, your company reaps the benefits. A correctly designed wellness program can increase productivity, boost moral and reduce stress. Wellness programs help employees make smart and healthy choices that can reduce health care costs, increase vitality and diminish absenteeism. In general, the costs of implementing a wellness program are minimal compared to the benefits.